Why is awareness important and what happens when you start to listen to your own body and observe the things happening around you more clearly? You begin learning to be the observer and you no longer react to things in an unfavorable manner.

As an observer, you are able to keep your balance and not over react to any situation presented to you. You avoid becoming emotionally out of control and can keep your composure to deal with situations calmly and efficiently. There are positive emotions that allow you to have love and kindness in your relationships with friends, family and the people you meet in your daily life, and negative emotions that will cause personal harm by hurting your health.

Screaming at the person that just cut you off while driving to work, will only cause stress and allow you to develop and maintain reaction patterns. These can be personally harmful to you and hurt others around you as well. In Yoga, the word detachment is often used. Detachment does not mean indifference... it means teaching yourself to be the discerning observer without becoming emotionally out of control.

Lay on your back in a quiet spot. Place one hand on your diaphragm just under your rib cage and the other the hand on your chest.  Close your eyes and focus your attention on your breathing. Breathe deeply filling your diaphragm feeling it raising first and then your chest. Exhale in the reverse order. This is considered the proper way to breath and allows you to eliminate shallow breathing helping you to fully relax.  

Cultivating awareness is one of the most  important ways Self-Transformation can begin to happen.
There is a popular phase often used in speaking about how to become more self-aware... 

Listen to the part of you that has been doing the listening‚Ķ 


Paying attention to your breath is one of the most effective meditation practices. In a quiet environment. keeping your head, neck and trunk straight. You can sit on the floor with folded legs or in a chair with both feet on the ground. Close your eyes and focus your attention on the bridge between your nostrils and listen as you gently breath in and out... taking deep slow breaths. When breathing in you will hear your breath make the sound of Soooo and when you exhale you will hear Hummm. Continue listening to the Soooo and Hummm allowing each breath to become longer. You can do this wherever you are to stay calm and aware.

Diaphragmatic Breathing