Have you ever “dropped out” of meditation because you wonder if you are…doing it right? Do you find yourself wondering if it makes sense to find time to practice doing nothing? Do you find yourself thinking, Meditation doesn’t work for me? This interactive program explores how simple meditations could improve your well-being and physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Nancy Casey, LMSW, is available to present at churches, senior communities, organizations, clubs, and private groups. She is delighted to do book signings at each of the above events and can also do coaching in person or over the phone.

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Laugh for the Health of It…

No Joke(s)!

Laughter Joyshops are uplifting and designed to be appropriate for all al ages. Laughter lightens our burdens. We practice a kinder lighter sense of humor. Without jokes, punch line can be forgotten. For more detailed information, check out The World Laughter Tour. Nancy Casey and her Husband Darrell are Certified Laughter Leaders.


Growing Through


Explores forgiveness of self and others, using music, humor, guided discussion, and the teachings of Carolyn Myss, Brian Weiss, and the late Virginia Satir.

Changing Our Attitude Towards


Within every crisis, a seed of opportunity lies buried beneath mountains of chaos and fear. Although most people prefer the certainty of misery to the misery of uncertainty, this interactive program presents tools which can allow us to move into the unknown with greater ease.

Growing Through Forgiveness

Forgiveness is waking up to the realization that it is impossible to have a better yesterday. Although every spiritual teacher emphasizes the need to forgive, releasing the past sounds simple, but it is not easy. Until we forgive, we are locked into living in the past. These talks can “stand alone” or can become an introduction to a greater in depth interactive program.


Embracing Change

How can we release fear and move through change in a positive manner? We can GO through change, or we can GROW through change. Although feeling out of control is often acutely uncomfortable, this sense of chaos is usually an unavoidable part of the change process. We explore ways to move from “I can't get through this painful predicament’ into “I am willing to explore ways to grow through this."

Inspirational Talks

Meditation-Myth and